The Andamant Olive Mica 5gr


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Awesome Olive!!As many others noted, this green is a drab shade when mixed in your CP batter, but it is the most lovely shade a true, soft olive once saponifaction is done….This will be my go-to olive forever! Yet another fantastic color, Nurture Soap! – Jason

This color adamantly defied me. I would get just the right shade, and it would too light or too green when tested in CP. This olive was determined to put on a fight, but so was I – Ultimately I won!

One of the most counterintuitive colors I have created, this required a mix of colors that don’t seem like they would make this color, but they do. When I was done I did a happy dance. It’s like the Adamant Olive said “Congratulations on finding me, and you’ve got some super sweet dance moves.”

(Ok, the super sweet moves part might be slightly embellished, according to my coworkers).

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