Orange Vibrance Mica 5gr


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Great stable colorThe orange vibrance mica is my favorite orange colorant for cold process soap! It is bright and retains its color integrity after the soap has finished the gel phase. I also like that a little goes a long way with this mica! – Megan

10/09/2018 – Our current batch of Orange Vibrance starting with lot #650306 is slightly lighter than previous batches. In our testing, this mica made a true intense orange in soap.

Orange Vibrance mica is one of our most tried and true colors. It is the most dependable orange mica for soap we have found. It is an orange that is yellow in tone and produces a true orange color in cold and hot process and melt and pour soaps.

Working with any orange can be tricky with soaps. For best result with this and any orange mica, soap cool and don’t let your soaps get too hot. Heat seems to have a negative effect on orange making fade or peach in color. Orange micas also need a slightly higher usage rate than other colors. For best results use 2 teaspoons per pound of oils, or even more to achieve the depth of color you like.

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