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Pomegranates may be one of the oldest medicines known to man, its use going back perhaps as far as 8000 years. Originating in the area ranging from Persia to Northern India this fruit has been cultivated throughout the Mediter­ranean since ancient times. The genus name comes from Punica the Roman name for Carthage; the original source for the Italian peninsula. The plant was believed to be introduced to the Americas by the Spanish. Pomegranate is widely cultivated in California and Mexico.

Now used primarily in food products pomegranates have been used as a source of tannins as well as a means to produce inks and dyes. In Japan the wood has been used as the source of an insecticide. A source of citric acid, pomegranate juice can be used to treat dyspepsia and has been indicated for leprosy. Traditionally extracts from the plant have been used for astringent applications.

The pomegranates are extracted out a sterol rich fraction with high utility for skin, hair, and decorative appli­cations. FSS Pomegranate Sterols may be used as a natu­ral replacement for synthetic materials such as petrolatum or animal derived materials like lanolin. FSS Pomegranate Sterols can increase hydration, and enhance barrier func­tion.

The Hydration Potential (Below) was measured ac­cording to the British Pharmacopoeia (BP) water absorption capacity method. The process involves dripping water into a sample in a mortar and mixing well at room temperature. When no more water can be mixed into the emulsion, the sample is at the terminal point. Water Holding Capability (%) = (Amount of Water contained / Sample weight) x 100.

INCI Nomenclature: Punica Granatum Sterols

Suggested Use Levels: 0.5 – 5.0%

Suggested Applications: Improved Barrier Function, Moisturization

Appearance: White to Very Light Yellow Waxy Paste

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